Go green with Australia

Resources, expertise and innovations to help create new industries and cleaner energy for a sustainable and net zero future

A partner of choice

The world is grappling with climate change, resource scarcity, waste and pollution. These challenges require global green economic transformation, at unprecedented pace and scale.

Australia is already known worldwide for our quality goods and services. We have abundant natural resources, sustainable business practices and world-class research and technologies. We are also making significant investments in priority sectors under the Future Made in Australia plan.

These attributes and actions make Australia a partner of choice in a future low-carbon, resource-efficient, and socially responsible global economy.

Australia has solutions to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, help economies become more sustainable, and train the workforce of the future for sectors across the global green economy.  

Partner with Australia to achieve your green economy ambitions today.

Australian success in a net zero future

The Australian Government is investing for Australian success in a net zero future.

Targets for decarbonising our economy are enshrined in law. These laws require Australia to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions by 43% (compared to 2005 levels) by 2030 and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Australian governments are working together to transform our energy systems to deliver cheap, clean, and reliable energy. The Australian Government is targeting 82% renewable energy in our electricity grids by 2030.

The Australian Government is leveraging our nation’s comparative and competitive strengths in renewable energy and minerals to unlock Australia’s renewable energy superpower potential:

  • Australia’s abundant, reliable and affordable clean energy will power a new generation of manufacturing and industry.
  • Australia will export clean energy technologies and know-how, and clean energy itself, to help our neighbours reduce their emissions and bolster their energy security.

These efforts support the delivery of the Australian Government’s Future Made in Australia plan.

Partner with Australia

Discover how working with Australian businesses can position you for success in a new global green economy.

Australia is known globally as a safe and secure investment destination, and trusted trading partner. We welcome foreign investment in our national interest, recognising this brings technology, capability and talent to Australian firms and industries.

Our strengths underpin our ambitions with:

  • a trusted, export-oriented economy
  • an abundance of cheap, clean energy and natural resources to power renewable energy exports and low emissions products
  • world-leading sustainable and ethical industry practices
  • a highly skilled and innovative workforce
  • top-tier research institutions
  • excellent trading relationships – including with high-growth markets in Asia.

By transforming our economy and building new clean industries, we are developing technologies, capabilities and expertise. We aim to help our partners decarbonise, and contribute to more diverse and resilient global supply chains for a cleaner, greener future.