Australian Green Economy Prospectus

Showcasing Australian industry capabilities and companies helping to achieve net zero and green economy ambitions.

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Australia is ideally placed to capitalise on the global green economy and net zero transformation. We have abundant and high-quality renewable energy potential – world-leading sustainable industry practices, a highly skilled and innovative workforce, excellent trading relationships, and significant mineral resources.


With exceptional solutions, Australia has expertise that spans clean energy, green materials, smart cities, critical minerals, the circular economy, and sustainable mining and agriculture.

Australian companies are harnessing these solutions, building on our diverse natural resources and innovative business practices to drive their green transformation:

  • Mining companies are transforming their operations to be more environmentally sustainable.
  • Agriculture companies are minimising environmental impacts while delivering world-class produce.
  • Cleantech companies are supporting the global development of green cities with solutions that support ESG compliance and circular economies.
  • Universities and educational institutions are skilling the workforce for a net zero future.
  • Research institutions are undertaking cutting-edge research into net zero technologies.
  • Governments, industries and enabling services are transforming traditionally energy-intensive sectors into more energy-efficient ones by fostering groundbreaking solutions.

Partner with Australia to achieve your green economy ambitions.

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