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Australia is a global supplier

Australia is a global supplier of industry capabilities, bulk commodities, niche manufacturers and services. Buying Australian products can help you reduce costs,  increase market share, and fill a gap in your global supply chain. 

Buy from Australia in key sectors

Austrade supports key sectors across industry for buyers wanting to do business with Australia. These sectors are seeing strong growth and exports, powered by Australian innovation and international partnerships and business. Our work supports the delivery of Australia's net zero transformation and a Future Made in Australia – The Australian Government provides targeted funding and incentives across key sectors to drive growth.

Australian exporters

Go Global Toolkit

If you are an Australian exporter looking for information, tools and support to grow your business globally, please visit the Go Global Toolkit.


Opportunities for foreign direct investment into Australia for investors and buyers.

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Helping overseas buyers to connect with Australian companies.

Why Australia

Find out why Australia is a destination of choice for business.

Free Trade Agreements

Australia is an open economy with a network of free trade agreements providing access to dynamic global markets.

Meeting responsible business standards

Austrade is committed to reducing abuses of human rights, modern slavery, money-laundering and bribery in domestic and overseas markets. All organisations operating in Australia or overseas should be aware of and adhere to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The Guidelines provide principles and standards for responsible business behaviour, consistent with applicable domestic laws. The Guidelines are endorsed and promoted by the Australian Government.