GRUPO COBRA in consortium to supply new transmission network

Spanish infrastructure company GRUPO COBRA is among the consortium that will deliver the transmission network for a new renewable energy zone in Australia.

The consortium, known as ACEREZ, comprises COBRA, ACCIONA and Australia’s Endeavour Energy. ACEREZ will build, operate and maintain the Central-West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ) transmission network for the next 35 years.

The 20,000-square kilometre REZ is the first renewable energy zone in regional New South Wales. The new transmission infrastructure will enable generators such as solar and wind farms and energy storage providers in the REZ to connect to the electricity grid.

The initial network capacity of the transmission infrastructure is expected to be 4.5 GW. It will likely increase to up to 6 GW by 2038.

‘COBRA is strongly committed to renewable energy and green projects,’ says José María Castillo, CEO of Grupo COBRA. ‘We are keen to contribute to the development and construction of electricity infrastructure such as the REZ to help address the expansion of reliable and clean energy in the state.

‘COBRA is here to stay, and we are committed to Australia and its people,’ he adds. ‘We want to ensure long-term economic benefits for the Central-West Orana region and contribute to job creation.’

Austrade Investment Director in Madrid, Elena Laburu, says European investors are playing a key role in progressing Australia’s energy transition.

‘The Australian Government's plan to achieve net zero by 2050 will require the installation of 10,000 km of new transmission infrastructure to integrate renewable energy into the grid. Spanish companies such as COBRA, with extensive experience in grid infrastructure projects, are well positioned to help Australia become a renewable energy superpower.’

A field of solar panels with two power transmission towers in the background at sunset

Renewable energy zones in Australia

Australian state and territory governments have identified areas in their jurisdiction for renewable energy zones. There are opportunities for investment and partnerships.

South Australia has several renewable energy projects in construction or development.

Find out more about Go Green with Australia.

How Austrade helped

Austrade has worked with Grupo Cobra for over a decade, engaging with different areas of the company. Austrade started assisting Grupo Cobra on the transmission lines project in December 2021, meeting with the company in Madrid and Sydney.

Austrade has provided:

  • information on Australia’s electricity transmission network
  • information on grants and state and federal electricity transmission initiatives
  • guides on doing business in Australia, salary guides and referrals to migration agents
  • introductions to ICEX (Spain Trade and Investment Commission in Sydney) and La Camara, the Spanish Chamber of Commerce in Australia.

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