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A world leader in renewable energy

Australia has some of the best renewable energy resources in the world. Our potential to produce abundant renewable energy is a powerful comparative advantage.

The Australian Government is committed to making Australia a renewable energy superpower as part of its Future Made in Australia plan. As well as supporting Australia to decarbonise to net zero emissions by 2050, Australia will use its world-class renewable resources to:

  • deliver cheaper, cleaner, more reliable energy for Australia and its region
  • build export-scale clean energy industries
  • bolster sovereign manufacturing capabilities in our national interest
  • make Australia an indispensable part of the global net zero economy. 

Transforming energy systems

Australia is already transforming its energy systems to achieve a target of 82% renewable energy in the Australian grid by 2030. We are:

  • investing in utility-scale solar, onshore and offshore wind projects to grow our renewable energy supply
  • working on a growing pipeline of energy storage & transmission projects to grow generation capacity and manage intermittent supply
  • home to some of the world’s largest energy storage projects such as the Hornsdale Power Reserve — the world's first big battery.

Global energy leaders and businesses can partner with Australia to help us and the world reach net zero. Visit our Go green with Australia page.

The Australian Government is making Australia a renewable energy superpower. Significant investment is required. We welcome international investors to help make this happen.

Our strengths include:

  • abundant solar resources. Australia’s solar radiation is about 10,000 times larger than our total energy use (Source: Geoscience Australia, Solar Energy 2023).
  • world-class wind resources. This includes onshore and offshore: Our unrivalled offshore wind potential is estimated at 5 TW (Source: Climate Council, Australia and Offshore Wind).
  • a large pool of energy sector workers who are transferring their skills to renewables. Australia is committed to growing a strong pipeline of workers. This is achieved through the National Energy Workforce Strategy and New Energy Apprenticeships Program.
  • proximity to Asian markets. Australia has established trading routes to supply renewable energy to customers in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • extensive mineral reserves. Australia is one of the world’s largest producers of lithium. We have abundant reserves of nickel, zinc and other minerals that are used in renewable generation and storage technologies.  

Above all, Australia has a strong track-record of innovation. Australians invented the solar cell used in more than 90% of the world’s solar panels.

How we can help

Incentives, grants and support

The Australian Government is supercharging the renewable energy sector with a strong offering of programs and grants.

  • A$20 billion Rewiring the Nation program provdes low-cost finance to upgrade and expand the Australian electricity grid.
  • A$15 billion National Reconstruction Fund targeting up to A$3 billion in funding to support renewables and low emission technologies.
  • The expanded Capacity Investment Scheme will deliver 32 GW of renewable energy generation. The scheme will unlock over A$65 billion of renewable energy capacity. This investment will help transform the electricity grid to one powered by renewables.
  • The Solar Sunshot program will invest A$1 billion to develop Australia’s solar PV manufacturing industry. The program will support manufacturers to establish and grow facilities across the solar PV supply chain.
  • The new Battery Breakthrough Initiative (A$523.2 million over 7 years) will help manufacturers move up the battery value chain. This is a key deliverable under the recently released National Battery Strategy.
  • Funding worth A$1.9 billion in our Powering the Regions program supports clean energy industries and the decarbonisation of existing industries.
  • Large-scale Renewable Energy Target (LRET) incentivises investment in major renewable projects such as solar farms. A similar scheme exists for individuals and small businesses to install eligible small-scale renewable energy systems.


Renewable energy benefits

6th globally

6th in the world for the attractiveness of our renewable energy investment and opportunities.

Solar radiation

Australia has the highest solar radiation of any continent.

Rooftop solar

Around one third of households have roof-top solar power – the highest in the world.

Wind resources

We rival the North Sea along our vast coastal regions with average wind speeds above 9-12m/s.

We will support decarbonisation in Australia and worldwide, and an orderly transition to net zero.

  • A stable environment for investment. The Government has legislated our net zero target. It has committed more than $40 billion to supporting action on climate change and energy. This commitment provides certainty for investors.
  • Commitment to renewable energy exports. Australia is one of the world leaders in energy exports. We have the expertise, know-how and infrastructure to become a globally significant exporter of renewable energy.
  • Infrastructure investment. We have a proposed pipeline of 17,000 km of power transmission infrastructure.

Our thriving innovation ecosystem supports a huge pipeline of renewable projects: