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From the renowned Shiraz of the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, the Semillion of the Hunter Valley, to the crisp whites of Margaret River, Australia's diverse wine regions produce a spectrum of styles to suit every palate. The Australian wine sector has a rich heritage, with some of the world's oldest vine stock.

This history is consistently combined with a contemporary approach to viniculture, placing Australia at the forefront of innovation. Our winemakers have a reputation for creativity, and a willingness to experiment with new techniques, varieties and blends – a perfect combination of the old and the new.

Australia's land mass means we can cultivate of a wide selection of grapes, that can be used to produce an extensive range of wine varieties. Our three primary grape-growing climate regions allow most varieties to flourish. Viticulturists have the flexibility to draw upon a selection of varieties to develop a truly unique Australian wine landscape.

All our wines are classified under Geographic Indications (GI) and the names of Australia's wine-producing areas are broken down into smaller subdivisions. The GI system is similar to the system used in Europe. It is recognised by international law to protect the use of regional names, guaranteeing authenticity and origin. This ensures genuine Australian craftsmanship in every drop.

With a commitment to quality and affordability, Australian wines offer value for money. Products across multiple price points adhere to the high precedent established by Australian wine producers. This makes our wines the perfect choice for a wide range of consumer preferences.

Australian viticulturists prioritise sustainability, employing eco-friendly techniques to nurture vineyards, which preserves the natural environment.

For more information on Australian wine regions and makers see Australian Wine.

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Diverse wine scenes

More than 100 different grape varieties grown across 65 wine regions in Continental, Maritime, and Mediterranean climates.

Global exports

Australia is the fifth largest producer and exporter of wine in the world and exports around 60% of its total production.


Australia has one of the oldest continuously producing Shiraz vines in the world. 

Wine Australia, Foundations of Australian Wine, 2023