Well established high quality

The Australian packaged food industry is well-established and renowned for its high-quality. Our producers have access to an abundance of quality raw ingredients and utilise leading edge manufacturing processes to deliver a variety of premium food products to the world.

Australia has:

  • the largest organic crop footprint on the planet
  • the ability to rapidly respond to changing consumer preferences
  • a global reputation, known for its safety, quality and sustainability
  • an established international presence of well-known Australian packaged food brands.

Australia is home to more than 16,000 food manufacturing facilities, producing everything from chocolate biscuits to plant-based meals. With population growth, rising incomes, and shifting consumer preferences, the demand for our packaged foods is increasing.

As suppliers to overseas buyers, Australian producers:

  • maintain rigorous standards for food safety, production, and labelling
  • provide consumers with peace of mind about product safety and authenticity
  • use cutting-edge techniques and modern technology. This occurs throughout the production process. From the field to the shelf, ensuring our innovative products stay fresh for longer.
  • offer a diverse range of taste experiences through indigenous bush foods, fusion delicacies, and packaged goods
  • prioritise sustainability and environmental responsibility in their operations. From eco-friendly, recyclable packaging materials to ethical sourcing practices, the commitment to sustainability extends beyond the products themselves. This also resonates with environmentally conscious modern consumers.
  • are perfectly positioned to bolster the security of your supply chains. This is achieved through the provision of diversified production sources for your brand.

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The largest Australian manufacturing sector by value and number of employees.

Access & variety

A strong degree of vertical integration due to local access to vast variety of raw materials.

Safety & quality

Well recognised safety and quality credentials.