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Australia’s meat and livestock industry is the cornerstone of our agricultural sector. Australia is one of the world's leading exporters of beef, lamb and mutton, supplying premium meat to over 100 countries. Our vast and diverse landscapes provides the ideal conditions for raising livestock. We have a strong focus on innovation, animal welfare, and environmental sustainability. Australia's meat and livestock industry continues to meet the growing global demand for safe, nutritious, and responsibly sourced protein.

Australia holds a prominent global position in the meat and livestock market. Our distinct attributes set us apart from global protein competitors. With a diverse range of products, we deliver to a wide customer base with varying consumer preferences. This ranges from poultry to highly marbled grain fed beef.

Australia has an established and efficient export industry, dedicated to meeting demands and delivering world-class products.

Robust traceability systems ensure confidence in customers and governments regarding product safety and integrity. Our strict food safety standards ensure our products have unmatched shelf life.

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Sales and responsible farming


Australia's total volume of Meat & Livestock sales was 2,160,300 tonnes in 2023. 

Net zero

The Australian red meat industry lowered its greenhouse gas emissions by 64.8% between 2005 and 2023.