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The Australian horticulture sector includes fresh fruit, vegetable and nut exports totalling approximately $2.5 billion. The sector is export-orientated and is characterised by its high-quality produce, innovation and reliability.

Thanks to favourable growing conditions and a varied climate, Australia is able to produce a wide range of premium horticulture products. Australian growers sell to more than 60 markets, with a broad range of fruit and vegetables available for export year-round.

Australia has a world-class reputation as a premium supplier – with all produce grown, picked, packed and transported according to strict environmental and food safety standards. Our tasty fruits and vegetables have a wide range of nutritional and health benefits.

Australian producers continue to develop the quality and efficiency of their operations. We are known for our:

  • clean, green credentials and world-class food management
  • strong export quality control systems that include sophisticated cold-chain logistics
  • use of innovative Agrifood technologies to enhance productivity and sustainability. This includes precision agriculture and integrated pest management systems.
  • continual investment in research and development to create new produce varieties. This enhances quality by optimising storage and transport technology.
  • prime location in the southern hemisphere, offering northern hemisphere customers consistent counter-seasonal supply.

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Horticultural variety

Australian growers sell more than 90 different varieties of fresh fruit, vegetable and nut products.

Almond exports

Almonds are Australia's single largest exported horticultural product, based on value.  


Australian Horticulture is a $16 billion industry 


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