A trusted supplier to markets worldwide

Australian farmers are meeting the evolving needs of consumers and livestock businesses alike – with favourable climate, soil conditions, advanced farming practices, and strict quality control. This positions us as a trusted supplier to markets worldwide. Australia features a wide range of agricultural produce, which play a vital role in global food security and nutrition.


Australia produces a diverse range of grains. This includes wheat, barley, oats, rice, and sorghum. These grains are cultivated across various regions of the country. Australian wheat in particular, is renowned for its high protein content and superior milling qualities. This makes it highly sought after in international markets.


Pulses are a vital source of protein, fibre, and essential nutrients. Australia is a significant producer and exporter of pulses such as chickpeas, lentils, and beans. Australian pulses maintain consistent quality, nutritional value, and versatility in culinary applications. Farmers have a commitment to sustainable farming practices. Our pulses growers ensure the production of high-yielding, premium-grade pulses to meet the demands of global consumers.


We produce a wide range of animal feed products to support the livestock industry both domestically and internationally. This includes feed grains such as wheat and barley, as well as protein-rich feed ingredients like canola and soybean meal. Our feed products are known for their nutritional quality, safety, and reliability. This supports optimal animal health and performance.

One of the world's largest exporters

Australia is a significant producer of grains, pulses, and animal feed. Our total annual production is more than 41 million metric tons (mmt). This includes 25mmt of wheat, 9mmt of barley, 3.5mmt of canola, 2.8mmt of pulses, and 1.5mmt of oats. Our grains, oilseeds, and pulses are the fastest-growing export segment, at an average annual rate of 11% (Source: Snapshot of Australian Agriculture 2024).

Australian producers prioritise sustainability in agricultural production. Farming practices such as conservation tillage, precision agriculture, and water-efficient irrigation techniques, are widely adopted. This helps to minimise environmental impact and promote long-term sustainability.

We also offer efficient logistics infrastructure and reliable supply chains. This leads to the timely delivery of our products to global markets. Major export terminals, rail networks, and ports, facilitate seamless transportation and distribution of products worldwide.

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Agricultural innovation

Strong reputation for quality and safety – and, increasingly, agricultural technology innovation.


Second-largest agriculture industry, contributing an average of 22% of Australia's agricultural gross value of production per year. 


31 million hectares planted to crops – larger than the UK!


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