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An ideal business destination

Australia is a great place for international investors and buyers to do business. We are open, safe, prosperous and talented. Our innovative economy attracts investment from multinationals, start-ups and research organisations from around the world. Australia is a natural gateway for global trade, an open economy, with ideal access to the dynamic Asia-Pacific markets.

As a nation, we are diverse, multicultural and welcoming with a highly-educated and innovative workforce. Our unique lifestyle makes it easy to attract and keep the world’s top talent. There are so many reasons why Australia is the right place to invest.

Meeting responsible business standards

Austrade is committed to reducing abuses of human rights, modern slavery, money-laundering and bribery in domestic and overseas markets. All organisations operating in Australia or overseas should be aware of and adhere to the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. The Guidelines provide principles and standards for responsible business behaviour, consistent with applicable domestic laws. The Guidelines are endorsed and promoted by the Australian Government.