14 August 2023

Australia delivers new business for Israeli insurtech EasySend

EasySend has set up an Australian subsidiary to bring paperless processing to Australian organisations.

The Australian market has a clear need for EasySend’s solution, says Mick O’Brien, EasySend’s Managing Director in Australia.

‘Insurers, banks and healthcare companies are looking to replace paperwork-based forms and manual processes with more seamless digital experiences,’ says O’Brien. ‘This need is underscored by Australia’s commitment to cleantech and its goal to reach net zero by 2050.’

‘Partnering with Australian businesses has enabled EasySend to expand our digital transformation solution across a multitude of new verticals and use-cases. This has contributed significantly to new product features and enhancements utilised by our customers worldwide.’

Founded in 2016, EasySend’s no-code platform allows organisations to digitise complex forms, customer data intake and signature collection processes. The resulting efficiencies improve the customer experience, result in higher-quality data and enable organisational flexibility.

EasySend raised US$55.5 million in Series B funding in 2021, which will fund its expansion across the Asia-Pacific region. The company’s customers include NobleOak, a leading life insurer; Genea, one of Australia’s leading IVF providers; and global customers AXA, Munich Re and Generali.

Australia’s A$167 billion tech sector

Australia has one of the biggest technology industries in the Southern Hemisphere. The tech sector’s economic contribution to GDP has increased 79% since 2016–17, reaching A$167 billion in 2020–21.

Australia is also a nation of early adopters. In global rankings, Australia scores highest for the skills needed to use, adopt and adapt new technologies.

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How Austrade helped

To support EasySend’s market entry, Austrade provided:

  • information on the Australian digital tech sector
  • guidance about why and how to attain an Australian Business Number
  • lists of professional service providers
  • introductions to Investment NSW
  • invitations to events including Israeli Tech Investor Roundtable in Sydney.

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