InfoSum opens ANZ head office in Sydney

UK-based InfoSum has expanded into Australia to meet the market’s demand for robust data management solutions in the wake of changing privacy regulations. The company’s head office in Sydney will also serve the New Zealand market.

Australia on the brink of data change

Founded in 2015, InfoSum developed the world’s first decentralised data collaboration platform. InfoSum offers end-to-end protection of customer data using its market-leading Data Clean Room technology. This allows companies to collaborate without compromising on security or privacy.

Australia is an ideal market for InfoSum’s technology, thanks to exceptionally strong demand due to changes in managing customer data.

‘Australia is an innovative market with highly skilled and discerning operators of the best technology on the edge of a shift in data privacy,’ says Brian Lesser, InfoSum’s Chairman and CEO.

‘The market is on the brink of change,’ adds Rick Knott, InfoSum’s General Manager ANZ. ‘Privacy regulations such as the Online Privacy Bill and the extinction of the third-party cookie threatening the way companies collect, manage, and use consumer data.

‘InfoSum’s privacy-first data clean room technology is entering the market at just the right time to support local businesses’ data management. The non-movement of data approach enables companies to future-proof their business and be ready for any privacy regulation, by eliminating the need to move data.’

Digital data security lock concept

How Austrade helped

Austrade provided tailored information to address InfoSum’s specific business needs, including insights about potential longer-term opportunities

Austrade also shared information on:

  • Australia’s Privacy Act 1988 and privacy regulations
  • Consumer Data Right in relation to financial services, and expansion into energy and telecommunications over the next few years
  • talent availability, workplace conditions and incentives, superannuation, and recruitment
  • potential office locations, including tech precincts and tech ecosystems
  • business networks and invitations to networking events