18 January 2023

Bynder first Australian office to power regional growth

Dutch technology firm Bynder has expanded into Australia. The company has opened an office in Melbourne, Victoria to meet the demand for digital asset management in the APAC region.

Serving clients in a fast-growing region

Bynder’s products help organisations manage, share and control access to their digital assets. Founded in 2013, the company has 500-plus staff in 8 offices worldwide. Its clients include Spotify, Puma and Icelandair.  
In Australia, Bynder’s clients include Queensland Health and Australia for UNHCR. Expanding to Australia is a strategic move to scale its business in a fast-growing region.
‘This past year we have already grown significantly in APAC,’ says Bob Hickey, CEO of Bynder. ‘We believe the office in Melbourne will allow us to better serve and represent these customers and partners while continuing to expand our reach in the region.’ 
‘We’re excited to join the thriving tech community in Melbourne,’ says Everline ter Elst, Director of APAC Sales. ‘We already see incredible demand in the market, and I look forward to building on that momentum through the expansion of our customer base and our regional team.’ 
Bynder expects to hire 30 full-time permanent staff by the end of 2024.

A person using digital asset management software on a laptop computer

A market primed for digital technology investment

Australia’s A$167 billion digital technology sector is an ideal market to research, test and launch products. The country offers multibillion-dollar investment opportunities in key sectors, including 5G and cyber security. The Australian and state governments offer grants and incentives to support investment and innovation. 
Find out more about Australia’s thriving digital technology industry.

How Austrade helped

Austrade helped Bynder to assess the Australian market.  

The agency provided: 

  • in-depth Australian industry insights, including market intelligence and detailed reports on Australia’s technology sector and ecosystem. The reports also covered sub-sectors, industry trends and major players in the market  
  • reports on Australia’s business and investment environment, legal and taxation regulations, workforce, migration processes and service referral partners 
  • introductions to the Victorian Government, potential partners, customers, and German and EU industry networks 
  • invitations to Austrade events in collaboration with the Australian Embassy. 

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