19 June 2024

Australia releases first National Robotics Strategy

The strategy aims to build Australia’s capability in robotics and automation technology.

Australia’s first National Robotics Strategy sets out the country’s plan to build a stronger, more unified robotics industry and harness the benefits of robotics and automation across its economy.

The strategy aims to position Australia as a world leader in developing, manufacturing and using responsible robotics and automation technologies.

This will help Australia strengthen competitiveness, boost productivity and support local communities. Adopting advanced robotics and automation technologies could potentially add A$600 billion per annum to Australia’s GDP and increase productivity growth by 150%.

The National Robotics Strategy is built around four themes:

  • Building national capability
  • Increasing adoption
  • Ensuring trust, inclusion and responsible development and use
  • Supporting skills and diversity.

The strategy was developed in consultation with the Australian robotics industry, researchers, state and territory governments and the public. It was guided by an advisory committee of Australian robotics and technology experts.

Support for robotics and automation technologies

The Australian Government will support the strategy through the:

  • A$15 billion National Reconstruction Fund, which makes targeted investments to help Australia diversify and transform its industries
  • Industry Growth Program, which assists small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and startups in their most challenging development phase.

The strategy complements the Future Made in Australia plan. The plan will support investment in modernising and digitising Australian industries to revitalise advanced manufacturing and onshore supply chains.

Engineer programming robot in a robotics research facility


Australia’s robotics opportunity

Australia has strong robotics expertise, renowned academic institutions and local capability in areas such as field robotics. The country is a world leader in using robotics in the mining, logistics and manufacturing industries. Australian robotics companies were worth about A$18 billion in annual revenue in 2021, up from A$12 billion in 2018 (Source: Robotics Australia Group 2022).

Despite these strengths, Australia faces barriers in commercialising and scaling up its innovations. There are opportunities for international companies to invest in or partner with Australian robotics organisations. Field robotics is a particular opportunity. Australia has R&D expertise, local market and potential for high growth through global exports. 

In 2023, Australian research in robotics and related fields ranked in the top 10 countries globally for quality of research. In addition, 3 Australian universities rank in the top 50 globally for robotics research publications (ASPI 2023).

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