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Australia enjoys an enviable reputation for our world-class cultural and natural attractions. From pristine beaches and rainforests to the opportunity to experience the oldest living culture on Earth. We are also a high value market, with international visitors staying long and spending big. Supported by the Australian Government’s visitor economy strategy, THRIVE 2030, the tourism sector has resumed its path to long-term sustainable growth, creating new opportunities for investors.

Australians like to holiday at home

Operators in Australia also benefit from a strong domestic market. Australians are enthusiastic travelers and love to explore their own backyard.

Tourism spend

In a typical year, Australians account for around 75% of total tourism spend.


Australians make more than 5 domestic overnight trips a year on average.

By 2028

Official forecasts note annual domestic overnight and day trip expenditure is expected to reach A$132 billion and A$40.5 billion respectively.

Domestic and international tourism

For all of our research and official statistics on domestic and international tourism throughout Australia, visit our Tourism and Research Australia (TRA) site.

How we can help

Roles and responsibilities

  • Austrade is the Australian Government lead for tourism policy. It delivers tourism programs and is responsible for the Government’s official tourism statistics.
  • The government’s tourism promotion agency Tourism Australia supports tourism businesses by attracting international visitors to Australia. Come and Say G’day is the new global campaign to support the Australian tourism industry rebuild.
  • A number of tourism investment resources are available to help you invest and make informed decisions. Austrade’s Tourism Research Australia provides official statistics, research and economic data on domestic and international tourism. This includes the specific annual Tourism Investment Monitor publication.
  • The Australian Tax Office’s New Investment Engagement Service gives tailored guidance on tax issues to businesses planning significant new investments in Australia.

International tourism is recovering following the recent global disruption from the pandemic. Tourism Research Australia predicts international visitor expenditure will exceed pre-pandemic levels in 2024 before increasing to A$50.7 billion by 2028. With our proximity to fast-growing markets in the Asia-Pacific, we’re well-positioned to recapture a significant share of global travel spend.

Our long-term national strategy for the visitor economy, THRIVE 2030, sets out our plan to return to pre-pandemic visitor expenditure of A$166 billion (achieved in 2023), then grow sustainably to A$230 billion by 2030.   

Australia’s political stability and resilient economy offers prospective businesses and investors a safe and low-risk business environment. The Australian Government is backing the further recovery of Australia’s visitor economy. It recently announced a $48 million tourism and travel package in the October 2022 Budget.

The measures include plans to: 

  • attract workers to our vibrant tourism industry 
  • train and upskill new and existing hospitality and tourism workers 
  • support tourism businesses with activities that drive international travel to and from Australia.

Importantly, our THRIVE 2030 strategy supports sustainable growth. We know our natural assets, such as world-class nature and wildlife, are key to our attractiveness as a destination, and must be protected.

In pursuing industry growth, we recognise that balancing social and environmental factors alongside economic ones is essential to sustain a truly healthy visitor economy for decades to come. To support this the Australian Government and all State and Territory jurisdictions have agreed to a National Sustainable Tourism Framework, ensuring aligned definitions and goals.

Australia’s award-winning restaurants and wineries serve up fresh produce from our unspoiled landscapes, while our cafes have made coffee an art form. With a packed calendar of events that draws travellers year-round, Australia has a world-class tourism offering.

Australia offers visitors the unique ability to experience the oldest living culture on Earth – that of Australia’s First Nations peoples. First Nations tourism gives visitors a unique insight into the relationship Aboriginal people have with the land and sea – their Connection to Country – helping them create a deeper connection to Australia.

Australia’s stunning natural landscapes offer something for every traveller. We frequently appear on top 10 lists of the most world’s most beautiful countries.

Our diverse and unique ecosystems are home to a huge variety of plants and wildlife, much of which is found nowhere else on earth. This precious natural heritage is protected in thousands of parks and conservation reserves that dot the country.

The World Economic Forum ranks Australia number one for natural resources, based on both our natural beauty and highly developed outdoor tourism industry.

Australia offers abundant opportunities for businesses looking to offer nature-based experiences. With such an expansive natural environment – including a continuous coastline stretching some 30,000 kilometres – innovative businesses have the chance to look beyond familiar destinations to craft travel experiences that are new and truly unique.