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Nurtured by collaboration

Australia has more than 30 years of global leadership in quantum research.

Today we have an outsized quantum computing industry. This is nurtured by collaboration between industry, research institutes and academia.

  • Our quantum ecosystem includes 22 institutions focussed on quantum research.
  • We are home to more than 20 quantum-focussed startups. This was 3 per cent of the global total in 2023.

Australia welcome investors who want to come and help build our world-class quantum industry.

The Australian Government’s National Quantum Strategy 2023 outlines new opportunities for international partnerships. It includes collaborations to grow Australia’s quantum industry. The strategy aims to:

  • build sovereign capability for future advancements
  • position Australia as an international destination for quantum talent and investment
  • support commercialisation.

How we can help

Incentives, grants and support

The Department of Industry, Science and Resources administers a suite of business innovation grants and initiatives. These grants and initiatives support research, entrepreneurship and commercialisation.

The National Reconstruction Fund has A$1 billion to finance development of Australia’s industrial capabilities. These include quantum technologies.

Individual states and territories offer grants and incentives to support commercialisation. These include:

Queensland has developed its own Quantum and Advanced Technologies Strategy.


Australia’s national science agency, the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO) is a hub for quantum research in Australia. It forecasts Australia’s quantum technology opportunity could reach:

A$2.2 billion

In revenue buy 2030.

A$6 billion

In revenue by 2045.

The National Quantum Strategy sets out a long-term vision for how Australia will pursue opportunities in quantum technologies. A new National Quantum Advisory Committee will provide guidance. The strategy aims to:

  • trigger investment and research into quantum technologies
  • secure access to essential quantum infrastructure and materials
  • build a skilled and growing quantum workforce
  • ensure Australian standards and frameworks support national interests
  • build a trusted, ethical and inclusive quantum ecosystem.

A new A$101 million Australian Government investment in quantum and artificial intelligence will help businesses integrate these technologies into their operations. This includes A$18.5 million to set up an Australian Centre for Quantum Growth. The centre will promote growth in the quantum technology industry in Australia.

Australia’s long-term investment in quantum research has created a vibrant ecosystem. Combined public and private investment since 2002 totals A$1 billion (Source: Australia’s Chief Scientist, 2023).

The Australian Quantum Alliance forms part of the Tech Council of Australia. Its goal is to promote innovation, quantum-related jobs and economic prosperity.