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A global leader in cyber technology

The Government has identified cyber as one of 6 industries that is vital to the long-term prospects of Australia’s economy. Our cyber industry is already advanced. We generated the world’s 9th largest revenue in cyber security in 2022.

Australia’s cyber industry creates new opportunities for investors. We welcome investment to build new cyber products and service customers in Australia and Asia.

Investors will discover a vibrant tech industry that is well equipped to build new cyber products and services.

  • Exceptional home-grown talent
  • Communities of expat tech specialists, attracted to the Australian lifestyle
  • A strong research ecosystem
  • Growing domestic demand for cyber products and services.

Australia also serves as a regional launchpad for new technologies. We have strong commercial links with many Asian countries. And we share a similar time zone to most countries in the Asia-Pacific region.


How we can help

Incentives, grants and support

The Australian Government will commit A$587 million to Australia's Cyber Security Strategy up to 2030. Individual states and territories also offer numerous grants and incentives to support commercialisation. These include:


Foreign direct investment

Australia is the world’s 2nd most attractive destination for foreign direct investment in cyber security

Revenue in cyber

Australia generated the world’s 9th largest revenue in cyber security in 2022

Powerful cyber nation

Australia currently ranks as the 5th ‘most powerful’ cyber nation

In November 2023, the Australian Government released the 2023–2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy (PDF, 13 MB). The Strategy sets out a roadmap for Australia to become a world leader in cyber security by 2030.

The Government has also released a 2023–2030 Cyber Security Action Plan (PDF, 2 MB). This plan details the key initiatives that will start over the next 2 years. It includes measures to:

  • support small and medium sized businesses to strengthen their security
  • help the Australian public defend itself against cyber threats
  • disrupt and prevent cyber threats from attacking Australia
  • work with industry to challenge ransomware
  • provide clear guidance for businesses. 

Vendors, businesses, universities and government work proactively with each other.

The A$9.9 billion Project REDSPICE is managed by the Australian Signals Directorate (ASD). It  will boost cyber capabilities in partnership with industry.

How Austrade can help

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Available tax incentives include a research and development tax offset, and incentives for early-stage investors in innovative companies.